The Speakeasy

Please Note: The Speakeasy Is Only Open Friday & Saturday Evenings

Prohibition went into effect on January 17th, 1920 and lasted until December 5th, 1933. During those 13 years, when the sale and manufacturing of alcohol was illegal, the basement of Wolf Creek Tavern served as a “speakeasy”. People sat at the bar, which is a chestnut tree trunk sliced in half, and night after night they drank away their woes.

Today the speakeasy lives again, and every Friday & Saturday evening starting at 6:30pm (from October - April) we serve prohibition-era cocktails using their original recipes. We even make our own specialty infusions from vodka and bourbon. Our bartenders will tell you stories of underground railroads, secret tunnels and ghostly spirits, while they bring old cocktail recipes to life in a glass. Simply put, sitting at the chestnut tree bar, while drinking a prohibition era cocktail, will transform you back many decades in history to a time when the Tavern had all sorts of characters pass through.

Yes, we do allow private events in our Speakeasy.

E-mail for details and book your next party with us.